Being Jewish in Today's Poland

Being Jewish in Today’s Poland

Talk with Rabbi Avi Baumol

How does current Jewish life in Poland look from a Jewish perspective? What does it mean to live an orthodox Jewish everyday life in Poland? And what about anti-semitsm?

Rabbi Avi Baumol, who has been serving the Jewish community in Kraków since 2013, speaks about those questions and also about the renaissance of Jewish life in Poland today. He provides personal insights into his work for the Jewish Community Center in Kraków and shares his mostly positive experiences as an orthodox rabbi in Poland.

The lecture is a video recording of Rabbi Avi Baumol’s lecture at the expert panel on narratives about Jews, Judaism, the Shoah and Israel in Poland as part of the project The Course of (Hi)Stories.


Tanja Lenuweit

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52:44 minutes

The video was made as part of the project The Course of (Hi)Stories in cooperation with the Kreisau-Initiative.

The project was developed under the patronage of Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.

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