The Course of (Hi)Stories

Online seminar on narratives about Judaism in Poland and Germany

In the online seminar “The Course of (Hi)Stories” participants from Poland and Germany investigate the different narratives and minority discourses around Judaism, Jews, the Shoah and Israel in Germany and Poland together with experts from the German-Polish youth exchange. With specialists training in the podcast method, they get to explore and create their own podcast on the topic.

The participants have a variety of backgrounds and come from diverse work fields which allows for a fruitful and interesting exchange. They benefit from each other’s experiences and get to work with people that have a different set of expertises but share similar interests as themselves.

The seminar is divided into three online events and a phase of self-organised work on the podcasts. After an introduction to the topic and the method on the first day of the workshop, the following units then focus on “how to podcast” – training in methods, aims and technicalities in creating a podcast – and the participants’ own podcast projects. Besides, the workshop explores the advantages and usage of podcasts in the context of civic education and what to keep in mind when creating a podcast for a non-formal educational setting.




Tanja Lenuweit

This workshop is part of the project The Course of (Hi)Stories.

The project was developed under the patronage of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas.

Funded by:

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This workshop was developed in cooperation with the Kreisau-Initiative.