Antisemitism and racism-critical historical education

Connect is a dialogical research and practice project that explores historical education in the post-migrant society. In this project, pedagogical offerings at NS-related memorial sites are evaluated by people with migration and refugee experience.


Tanja Lenuweit


01.07.2023- 31.12.2024


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The project focuses educational offerings provided by NS-related memorial sites. Against the backdrop of a diverse post-migrant society, it raises the following key questions: How should these educational formats be designed to pursue a critical approach towards racism and antisemitism that avoids an “us versus them” dichotomy and remains equally relevant for both migrants and non-migrants? How can historical education and commemorative culture incorporate alternative narratives without deviating from established standards or promoting Holocaust relativization or Israel-related antisemitism?

To explore these questions, pedagogical offerings at NS-related memorial sites are evaluated by a group of individuals with migration and refugee experience. The evaluation focuses on the comprehensibility, accessibility, as well as the racism-critical and discrimination-sensitive approaches of these offerings. Based on the findings, a training program for multipliers will be developed, and a publication will be released that combines practical experiences with theory and reflection on approaches that critically address antisemitism and racism.

The project is funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.


This project is in collaboration with the Memorial and Educational Site House of the Wannsee Conference.