About Minor

Minor – project office for education and research is an organisation with a high degree of cultural and professional diversity amongst its team. We harness this diversity, motivation and scientific expertise in order to work with and for marginalised groups in society. Minor implements projects in the areas of research, pilot-testing, consultancy, training and networking across Germany as well as transnationally.

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Our work covers a wide range of societal and scientific themes such as contemporary migration phenomena, civic education and social cohesion as well as migrant and refugee integration and inclusion in education and the labour market.

Minor’s primary mission is to improve the situation of groups such as migrants, socially excluded people, prisoners and disabled people who are experiencing discrimination and disadvantage in society and on the labour market. In addition, our work aims to change and influence societal processes and structures so as to support tolerant and appreciative co-existence and to mitigate societal conflicts in Germany and Europe.

Minor’s research work currently focusses on improving the understanding of contemporary migration phenomena as well as contributing insights in the fields of preventing extremism, media pegagogy, digital outreach work and professional education.

Our education projects are unique for combining pedagogical, intercultural and intergenerational approaches as well as strengthening the political and societal participation of marginalised groups.

Minor is a certified provider of civic education in Germany.

Minor as a civil society organisation aims to further the development and strengthening of democracy. This means that our projects directly support marginalised groups in their ability to participate in, influence and shape important democratic processes. It also means that we seek to counter the undermining of democractic values and processes. Minor stands up against all forms of discrimination such as racism, antisemitism and sexism and promotes the appreciation of diversity.